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Located within the City of Spirit Lake, Idaho, the SPIRIT LAKE FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT was formed in 1978. Over the years the fire protection district expanded from a small volunteer fire district to its present status which is staffed by paid and volunteer personnel.  

The District provides service to the town of Spirit Lake, Blanchard, and Vay Community.   Spirit Lake, Idaho is located in Kootenai County. Blanchard and Vay are located in Bonner County and the boundaries cover 120 square miles and was formed after the need for fire protection in rural areas proved necessary. The Area protected at that time was a small rural city, which included summer lake homes, and rural farming communities.

Today, the District is well recognized in the community and in both counties.   It receives support from citizens and local businesses whenever needed, and the District thanks the community for their continued support regarding Fire and Emergency Medical Services, without community support, our efforts would go without notice. The DISTRICT provides Fire and Emergency Medical Services to approximately 7,350 people, which reside in both Kootenai and Bonner County.  The majority of the firefighter and medical personnel are dual trained.   When an emergency call comes in, they are toned and respond within minutes. The District is also supported by an auxiliary organization known as the Spirit Lake Fire Auxiliary. The Auxiliary supports the Fire District and fire personnel when needed.